Yesteryear Road Run


Road Run 2019 Cancelled

Road Run 2019 Cancelled, see below.
2019 Road Run Sunday 21st April 2019


Dear Supporters,
We are very disappointed to have to announce the cancellation of the 2019 Cottenham Yesteryear Road Run.
You may recall that this year’s Run had to be cancelled because we were told that the road across Oakington airfield would be closed on our chosen date and the A14 project was unable to guarantee an alternative route to bypass the airfield. As it happened, the airfield road was not closed until a month after the date for the Run, so we could have gone ahead! This year, the situation is much the same: the new Local Road that will bypass the airfield will not be available to us (it will be in use as a temporary bypass for the A14 and not as a local access road) and contrary to earlier expectations, the Northstowe developers have been unable to find us a route across the airfield. We have of course considered alternative routes, but they would mean missing out several villages and two-way traffic on some roads - the emergency services, and indeed local residents, would not condone stretches of public highway being jammed with slow moving vehicles on both sides at the same time. Various other droves/trackways were investigated and are deemed unsuitable for the types of vehicle we have.
We have tried hard to save the day but to no avail. We do not, however, intend to give up on the Road Run and are looking forward to April 2020. Seems a long way away but it will soon come round! The Committee, though, is not getting any younger and we desperately need some new willing (and younger!) volunteers to come forward and bolster the numbers and ensure the long-term future of the Run.  Perhaps a bit of new blood with new ideas will help to make 2020 our best fundraising Road Run yet!
If you think you may be able to help please contact:
Vivien Lampard:
David Norman:
Thanks as always for your support and see you in 2020!

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Here is the webmasters newly restored 1958 Austin Healey Sprite that would have been on the 2018 run, see you in 2020.